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Meet Chieko~The Connie’s Damsel  (a.k.a chromis limbaughi)

I was procrastinating mad hard, so I’ll make an excuse and say she’s “radioactive”.

I have a very short attention span Okay, so I decided to switch challenges.


Meet Pirra~ The Pompadour Cotinga

"Draw an unlikely candy."

Little beetle babus, made from….carmine? I really want to get to number 6 so badly, so I’m kind of rushing. EH.

"Draw an unfit means of travel."

Riding octopodes/i/puses seemed pretty cool at first, but the slime factor kind of ruined it a bit. Do it if you want.

"Draw the offspring of two improbable animals things.”

You REALLY don’t want to know… Do it yourself, if you want to.

"Draw someone or something experiencing  that experiences flight.”

I was so psyched for this at first, but a couple days in, Photoshop froze and crashed, and I had to start over. Not so fun the second time around. Do it yourself, if you want to.

This is Enid. My failed and almost failed again SV poster child. Considering this is the second time I’ve drawn her and liked the output, she’s going into an improvement meme.

It seems as though my creativity hour has been changed from 3am to the night before a very important final exam. Wonderful.

This was going to be something completely different, but the palette…VERY familiar.

Sure the colors are morphed a bit, but hey, close enough.

I was in a bit of a drawing slump, so to get myself out of it, I drew the first thing I could think of.

Hello again.

First A:MR fanart EVAAAR!

Pay no attention to the missing mouth -_-


It’s been 3 long days and I still can’t finish her D’:

Hopefully some A:MR fanart will be drawn later on.

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